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General Instructions

  • Before Operation

  • Take medicines as per doctor’s prescription.

    If you want to do hair cut then cut the hair before ½ day of operation.

    Please wash your hair and keep clean shave on the day of operation.

    Wash your face 2-3 times before on the day of operation.

    If patient is having problem of Teeth, Chest, Urine related diseases or any other health issue please complete your treatment before going for operation.

    On the day of operation; Diabetes patient should take medicines as per doctors’ consultation.

    Blood Pressure & Asthma patients should take medicines as per doctors’ consultation.

    Before operation please remove your False teeth (Dentures).

  • After Operation

  • Please do not rub or touch operative eye at least for one month.

    Make all the body movements carefully for two to three days; to prevent operative eye from jerks.

    Clean your eye lid margins with sterile cotton.

    While cleaning your eyes takes care that pupil should not get pressed.

    Instill your eye drops according to the prescription. Wash your hands before instilling eye drops.

    Sleep straight for one week from the date of operation, you must sleep opposite side of the operative eye.

    Do not take head bath or splash water into the eye and face after operation.

    On the day operation take light food and you can have your normal food from second day of operation. Yellowish and blueish vision after operation can be considered as normal vision.

    If your are having any issue please visit doctor immediately, don’t wait for the next meeting.

    If required after 2 to 3 weeks doctor will suggest the Spects number.

    Don’t watch TV, read books, from the day after your treatment.

    Diabetic and Blood Pressure patients should take regular and continuous medicines after operation.

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