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  • Why to do Lasik at Ramole Eye Hospital ?

  • World's best and latest technolgy for preoperative evaluation and treatment is available at Lasik Centre. Each patient undergoes thorough pre surgical evaluation. Strict adherence to eligibility criteria for each and every patient are followed.

  • Will my number become zero after Lasik ?

  • Aim of treatment is to reduce your dependence on glasses. In majority of cases this need is eliminated.

  • Is it painful ?

  • No. Surgery is carried out after putting anesthetic drops. Some patients might feel mild pressure sensation as we make the flap.

  • When can normal daily actvities be resumed ?

  • Usually you can resume your activities in 3-4 days time. Tough water sports or swimming should be avoided for at least 3 months.

  • Is repeat treatment required ?

  • Studies have shown that upto 94% patients do not require any further procedure.'Enhancement' treatment is free of cost.

  • Is Lasik safe ?

  • Lasik is one of the safest surgeries in human body, however, as with any medical procedures there are certain risks involved understood all aspects of the procedure from Eye Surgeon.

  • How is Lasik done ?

  • Step 1

    A thin flap of corneal tissue is made using an instrument known as microkeratome.This flap is lifted and folded upon itself.

    Step 2

    Ultraviolet light from exclimer laser is used to reshape the cornea in a few seconds.

    Step 3

    Corneal flap is placed back and allowed to dry. It sticks back in place with natural suction. Both eyes are generally treated together.

  • Can I undergo Lasik ?

  • Good candidates include :

    Patients over age 18.

    Those with no prescription change in glasses or contact lenses for 1 year.

    No other major eye diseases.

    Healthy corneal thickness and curveture.

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